My personal vim cheatsheet

Here is my vim & tmux cheatsheet.


This is my .tmux.conf. I prefer to set the meta key to q.

1set-option -g prefix C-q
2set -g mouse off
4set -g status-bg black
5set -g status-fg white
Command What it does
ctrl+q arrows Navigate windows (tmux)
ctrl+q % Split vertically (tmux)
ctrl+q " Split horizontally (tmux)
ctrl+q z Toggle window full screen (nice one!)
[ Enter scroll mode
q Leave scroll mode

Open multiple files at once

1vim file1 file2
2vim -O file1 file2 # split vertically


Command What it does
:bn Display next buffer
:bp Display previous buffer
:bd Delete buffer
:ls List buffers


Command What it does
u Undo
ctrl+r Redo
ctrl+ww Navigate to buffer
:vsplit Split vertically
ctrl + w _ Set height of split to max
ctrl + w | Set width of split to max

Productivity boosters

Command What it does
v Enter visual mode per character
V Enter visual mode per line
ZZ Write file, if modified, and quit Vim
( jumps to the previous sentence
) jumps to the next sentence
{ jumps to the previous paragraph
} jumps to the next paragraph
[[ jumps to the previous section
]] jumps to the next section
[] jump to the end of the previous section
][ jump to the end of the next section
a Insert text after the cursor
A Insert text at the end of the line
i Insert text before the cursor
o Begin a new line below the cursor
O Begin a new line above the cursor
Go Add a new line at the end of the file
:%s/wrong/right/gc Find and replace
/foo Search and highlight foo
:noh Stop highlihghting foo
:r Replace current character
:R Replace current character and stay in insert mode


Command What it does
ci " Change text between quotes works with {, [ and so on
. Repeat