Welcome to yet another Hugo blog!

Moonstreet is the name of the street where I live, together with my lovely girlfriend. I am a devops engineer by day and a Linux distro hopper by night. By the time coding or scripting results in configuration I usually get bored.

About this website

These are my notes about the things I learn and think I worthy of sharing with the world. I am writing these notes on a modern Linux distro or my MacBook which I use as a daily driver so there will be hardly any Windows content (but never say never). This website is made with the following tools:

Here are the steps to create this site:

sudo dnf install -y hugo
mkdir ~/blog && cd ~/blog
hugo new site moonstreet
cd themes
git init
git clone
cd ..
echo 'theme = "hugo-theme-noteworthy"' >> config.toml
hugo serve -D

Then in a new terminal window:

hugo new posts/

And then paste this content in

Push to Github and publish with Netlify

When publishing, make sure your post is not set to ‘draft’. Run a final hugo to build the site. Then commit and push.